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QualiMart enables smallholder farmers to buy genuine agro-inputs directly from dealers with the help of QualiMart Agents. Agents are responsible for directly assisting farmers to place orders for agro inputs to reduce the chances of buying fake agro inputs on the open market. It is a digital agro input market platform.

QualiCheck empower farmers to verify and know the authenticity of the agro-input he has purchased with his hard earned cash. Our commitment at QualiTrace is to help manufacturers and importers save money while fighting the counterfeit menace while giving the farmer brand assurance and quality inputs.

A mobile app that helps farmers identify diseases and pest infestation on crops and recommend the best quality agro input. Simply snap a photo of the crop with the infected area and the app will tell you what the pest or disease is and recommend the right agro input for treatment.

QualiHelp assist farmers on practical ways of applying the inputs he has bought so he would apply them correctly for the desired results in yields. Currently, what QualiTrace do is to receive and direct calls to available technical support services from the various dealers to assist farmers in that regard.

Promoting Agriculture and Ensuring Food Security

The Problem of Food Safety and Security

Food safety is a growing global concern; specifically so in Ghana. Unfortunately, farmers and consumers in Ghana and across Africa find it challenging to identify genuine farm inputs and quality food produce. This is due to poor traceability systems in the agricultural sector. The current situation gives rise to a mired of food safety related issues.

Fake farm inputs threaten both the quality and safety of agricultural produce, as well as the health of the direct user. Contaminated produce frequently makes its way onto the Ghanaian market where consumers struggle to verify the genuineness and source of products.

According to CropLife 2016 annual report, the bans on the export of crops treated with counterfeit pesticides has resulted in economic risks to the national economy. There are also environmental risks such as the gradual degradation of lands, mineral resources and water bodies.

QualiTrace focuses its attention on ensuring farmers and consumers can independently verify the wholesomeness and origin of a product before purchase, thereby eliminating these risks.

Working With QualiTrace

What QualiTrace Can Do For You

Simple Technology

QualiTrace provides a simple verification system that works across all networks and user friendly to farmers and consumers

Brand Security

We partner to protect the brands of quality products and fight against alternative fake or low standard products.

Regulatory Proactiveness

We partner with the Government Regulatory authorities to clamp down on fake agrochemicals as well as other products.

Food Safey

The goal is to ensure healthy food for the Ghanaian and international workforce

Brand Promotion

We help to promote genuine products on the market through incentive activities such as scratch and win promos.

Farmer & Retailer Education

We partner with stakeholders to educate farmers and retailers anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Our Partners

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