Promoting Agriculture and Ensuring Food Security

The Problem of Food Safety and Security

Food safety is a growing global concern; specifically so in Ghana. Unfortunately, farmers and consumers in Ghana find it challenging to identify genuine farm inputs and quality food produce. This is due to poor traceability systems in the agricultural sector. The current situation gives rise to a mired of food safety related issues.

Fake farm inputs threaten both the quality and safety of agricultural produce, as well as the health of the direct user. Contaminated produce frequently makes its way onto the Ghanaian market where consumers struggle to verify the genuineness and source of products.

According to CropLife 2016 annual report, the bans on the export of crops treated with counterfeit pesticides has resulted in economic risks to the national economy. There are also environmental risks such as the gradual degradation of lands, mineral resources and water bodies.

QualiTrace focuses its attention on ensuring farmers and consumers can independently verify the wholesomeness and origin of a product before purchase, thereby eliminating these risks.


QualiTrace product verification system works via USSD

Brand Security

Input dealers/manufacturers get brand protection from counterfeiters

Farmer Confidence

Increase the confidence of farmers in using your products


A safe usage of agri products means safe and healthy harvest

The QualiStrip

The QualiStrip is a smart-tag designed to empower farmers to independently verify the authenticity of an agrochemical before purchase.

The best team available

We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful business teams.

Kenneth Abdulai Nelson

Kenneth A. Nelson has five years working experience in the agribusiness industry as a research analyst and supply chain manager for Accra Abattoir Company limited.

Kenneth Abdulai Nelson
Jennifer-Jayne Asante

Jennifer-Jayne Asante is a multimedia practitioner with twenty one years working experience in the field. She has worked with prestigious media houses such as Multimedia, Sunny FM and Radio Univers and Sunny FM.

Jennifer-Jayne Asante
Padiki Tiah-Bukari

Padiki Esi Tiah-Bukari worked with Nestle Ghana Limited where she was engaged in the handling and management of raw materials giving her first-hand experience in tracing raw materials from the suppliers through to production and finally to finished products.

Padiki Tiah-Bukari
Ebenezer E. Owusu

Eben is an information technology (IT) expert with a degree in Geology. He has worked with the Career and Counseling Office of the University of Ghana as IT and Support Officer in charge of the web and IT systems and helping staff use them efficiently.

Ebenezer E. Owusu

“QualiTrace will be a real game-changer in fighting counterfeiting of agri products”

Mr Agyeman
Maize Farmer, Tarkwa

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